Top 9 Football Clubs Rivalries 2022

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Have you wondered about the most popular football club’s rivalries in Europe? Don’t worry. We have a complete list for you.

In sports, rivalry plays a vital role in fueling enthusiasm and giving a sense of meaning and belonging. Soccer fans tend to have a favorite team in Europe that they always want to see winning. 

Defeat cannot be forgiven whenever rival teams play against each other. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest rivalries in European soccer teams.

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid

El Clasico is one of the most popular football rivalries in Europe and worldwide. Nations have come to a standstill to watch these soccer teams tackle each other. 

One of the factors that led to this rivalry is that both teams have the best players in the world, making El Clasico extremely exciting.

Liverpool Vs Manchester United

When these top successful football clubs in London meet, it’s always a huge contest. Their rivalry has grown thanks to Manchester United taking Liverpool’s place by holding the record for the highest number of Premier League titles.

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

These two teams are based in London. And they hate each other passionately. It is officially called The North London Derby.

Both teams will throw shades at each other at the slightest opportunity. Arsenal has beaten its top rival so far. However, the looks of Tottenham in recent months have been quite intimidating. They are keen on balancing the scale.

Liverpool vs Everton

Liverpool Vs Everton

Back in 1892, there was a disagreement between the owner of Anfield Stadium, President Houlding, and Everton Football Club over rent payment issues. 

And this led to Everton moving to Goodison Park. President Houlding left and founded Liverpool F.C. 

This issue became a cause of rivalry among both teams. While their rivalry isn’t as intense as the rest, they do their best on the field whenever they meet.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan

The rivalry between Inter Milan and AC Milan started after a disagreement about signing foreign players. And this led to the creation of a new club called Inter Millan. Since then, these two teams have been trying to revenge. 

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While AC Milan is more successful in Europe than its counterpart, Inter Milan has been preparing itself for a long time to take its place in soccer.

Partizan Belgrade Vs Red Star Belgrade

If you love watching football for fun, these are some of the teams that you should always look forward to watching. Both on and off the pitch, the rivalry between these two clubs is quite intense. 

They are a few meters away from each other, making things worse. Whenever there is a match, you can be sure that there will be fights and other acts of violence among fans.

Olympiakos Vs Panathinaikos

These two football clubs have been rivals for many years. Their rivalry started in Greece and has stretched beyond the horizons of football into other sporting activities. 

These clubs enjoy a good amount of success in the world of football. Olympiakos has more than forty league trophies, while Panathinaikos has been crowned the league champions of Greece more than fifteen times. It’s usually a big deal when these two teams play. Violence is common among fans.

Benfica Vs Sporting

These Portuguese football clubs have been spending much more time at the top than any football club. Over the decades, they have been building an insane rivalry. 

Despite the statistics of Sporting and Benfica, whenever these sides meet, the records and statistics are pretty unreliable. In most instances, spectators are in for surprises.

Ajax Vs Feyenoord

Ajax Vs Feyenoord

One of the most successful football clubs in Dutch is Ajax which has more than thirty league titles. Every time there is a match with Feyenoord, a soccer war is expected to take place. 

The violence and tension are a product of this rivalry. No rivalry surpasses this in the Netherlands.

These are some of the biggest football rivals in European football. The one thing that gives football energy, money, and power is rivalry because it gives fans a sense of meaning and belonging. When two rivals meet, defeat is unforgivable. 

That’s why people tend to fight during or after the match. These are the biggest football clubs with a crazy following if you live in Europe. 

What are your thoughts about these rivalries? Which teams do you support today and why?

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