Jessica Melena Bio: Ciro Immobile Wife

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Jessica Melena

Jessica Melena is a model, Internet personality, and wife of Ciro Immobile.

She is well-known in public as the wife of Ciro Immobile, a famous Italian professional football player.

Apart from that, she is well-known on Instagram, where she has amassed a fanbase of 909k followers after establishing a verified account.


Jessica Melena is already a recognized Italian superstar’s companion, model, and Internet personality, and she is a delightful and attractive figure.

Jessica is a WaG who stands out from the crowd. She is well-known for her simplicity and being a true mother to Ciro Immobile’s three children.

She is a true lover who married the footballer Ciro Immobile and planned to spend the rest of her life with him. There isn’t even a rumor floating around about their possible divorce.

Jessica Melena’s most notable characteristic is maintaining her physical fitness even though she has given birth to three children.

It is challenging for a humble woman who is so different from the models (her husband’s friends’ wives) to appear in public with a well-known striker like Ciro Immobile.

Her birthday is July 17, 1990, and she was born in Italy.

Jessica Melena Biography

Jessica Melena


Jessica was born in 1990. She is pretty picky about the information she posts on the internet, and she does so with great care.

Jessica’s ethnicity is a mix of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese influences.

She hasn’t revealed anything about her father and mother.

We believe, however, that she has a strong relationship with her father and that she sees him frequently in person.

She has also shared some photographs of herself with her father on her Instagram page.

She is not the only child of the family, with a younger brother named Luca Melena in the family.

Jessica completed her high school education at a local institution in Italy.

Upon graduation, she was accepted into the Faculty of Investigation Sciences program at a local university.

However, shortly after enrolling in the course, she met the love of her life and decided to abandon her study to live with Immobile and his family.

However, it has been speculated that she has a strong relationship with her family and meets with them regularly in person because she has also uploaded images of herself with her father on her Instagram account.

Jessica grew up in a simple family, which provided her with the education she required to maintain her simplicity.

Her father worked as a postman and her mother as a cook; they instilled in her a rigid upbringing that has resulted in her being a modest person today.

Jessica Melena completed her high school education at a local institution in Italy.

She joined a University in L’Aquila for the Faculty of Investigation Sciences program.

However, shortly after enrolling in the school, she met the love of her life and decided to leave the study to live with Immobile, who was required to travel much due to his professional obligations.

Jessica Melena Career

Jessica Career

Jessica Melena is well-known as a model, social media influencer, and online personality.

As a result of her good influence on her vast fan base, her stunning Instagram images have gained a fantastic  amount of attention and affection from her large following.

She also works as a brand and product promoter.

Her collaborations with influential brands bring in a substantial amount of money.

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Jessica participated in several beauty pageants, winning the title of Miss Mediterranean in 2009 and the Miss Peugeot crown the following year.

In 2017, she was also seen in the docu-reality series Le Capitaine, which was broadcast on Spike TV.

She admits that she is not interested in or motivated by the worlds of entertainment and celebrity and that her only aim and purpose is to provide a good upbringing for her children.

Ciro Immobile Wife

Ciro Immobile Wife


Jessica Melena is the married wife of Napoli footballer Ciro Immobile.

Jessica and Immobile have been acquainted for an extended time. They were thrown together by destiny, and the Italian celebrity claims it was love at first sight.

Today, the couple has a happy marriage, and their family has grown over the years.

Jessica is an ardent supporter, a fiery woman, and a devoted mother

She’s amassed quite a following on Instagram because of her amazing photoshoots.

Immobile and Jessica first met in 2012, shortly after Jessica started college.

Melena became pregnant with their first kid six months after starting living together with the footballer who was playing for Pescara at the time.

On the 23rd of May 2014, this famous couple married in her hometown of Buccianico.

Friends, family, and Ciro Immobile teammates flocked to the opulent wedding. A honeymoon followed that in Brazil.

She and her partner frequently work out together, including abs and gym equipment, strengthening their relationship even at the gym.

It’s a coincidence that Ciro Immobile has the number 17 on his shirt, which is Jessica’s birthday.

For Jessica, going to her husband’s sporting events is a chance to show her love and support for the man she loves.

Jessica Instagram

Jessica Instagram


Jessica is a frequent user of Instagram. @jessicamelena is her Twitter handle. Indeed, her page recently surpassed one million followers.

She primarily shares images of her life with close friends and family members.

Additionally, she has participated in several professional photoshoots, which you can view on her Instagram.

Jessica is a beach lover, and her stunning vacation photos have made their way onto her page.

She also has a TikTok account with the name @ciroejessica.

Jessica Melena Net Worth

Jessica Melena Net Worth


She has a net worth of $200,000. We could not confirm more on her financial status due to a lack of information.

Her husband, Immobile, is a crucial member of Lazio’s squad and earns a salary of $4 million each year.

His net worth is around $15 million. Their combined income enables them to live a life of luxury.

Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile now live happily together in their family home.

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