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Aaren Simpson

Aaren Simpson was a child celebrity and late daughter of former American football player OJ Simpson.

She had a very short life which didn’t last long while growing up as a daughter of a well-known sportsman.

Her death remains a big tragedy to date as it hit the family so bad that it still lingers in memories.

Aaren Simpson Biography

Aaren Simpson

She was born on September 24, 1977, in California, in the United States of America.

Aaren Simpson would have been 45 years old as of 2022 when she hit September 24th which is her birth month.

She was given birth by her mother named Marguerite L. Whitley and OJ Simpson who is her father.

They both are not together as their marriage crashed a long time ago following the death of their daughter.

Aaren had an amazing family and life while still a nursing baby who couldn’t move on her own.

Her mother was always taking good care of her with her father being a busy man in the spotlight as a big football player.

His father was a big figure back then as he is one of the most highly rated NFL players who had an amazing career.

Nothing too much is known about her life as she didn’t get to live a long one due to her tragic end as a baby.

Aaren Family


Aaren Simpson was the younger child of her parents Marguerite L. Whitley and OJ Simpson.

Her parents met during their childhood days which saw them start dating each other.

Things quickly turned into a serious issue as they made their romance public giving them so much freedom to show their love for each other.

Their relationship was the best knowing that they grow up alongside each other and were already together from a very young age.

They got married at an early age with OJ Simpson just 19 years old which was when he exchanged vows with Marguerite L. Whitley on June 24, 1967.

Their first child who is a daughter was given birth on December 4, 1968, and was named Arnelle.

This was just two years after Aaren’s parents got married in their teenage years.

On April 21, 1970, the couple gave birth to their second child who was a son and they named him Jason.

Things were going well with both of them taking care of their two children together while OJ’s career was in his prime.

Their last daughter Aaren Simpson was the biggest life-changing moment in their life which they both welcomed on September 24, 1977.

Their relationship started hitting roadblocks before the sudden death of their last daughter which saw both of them getting divorced.

Their separation was made official in March 1979 which was five months leading to their daughter’s tragic end.

After their divorce, OJ carried on with his life getting married to another woman named Brown who they both welcomed two more children together.

Aaren’s mother also moved on to get married to someone else which didn’t last on two occasions after leaving her first marriage.

Aaren Death

Aaren Death

Aaren Simpson was confirmed dead on August 26, 1979, after drowning inside their family swimming pool.

The event made the press quickly in 1979 which remains one of the most tragic death to ever occur to an American sportsman.

A paramedics team arrived at the scene of the event on that faithful day only to find the kid unresponsive.

It was confirmed that they did everything possible to revive her back to life before she was quickly placed on life support on August 18.

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Due to the incident, she couldn’t breathe on her own after so much water blocked her body system from drowning.

She was on life support for weeks before being confirmed dead due to respiratory failure.

Her funeral was carried out immediately by her family who buried her in a low-key event that was attended by loved ones.

OJ Simpson Daughter

OJ Simpson Daughter

Aaren Simpson was a child star and the daughter of former NFL player OJ Simpson.

They aren’t many good memories shared between the daughter and father as she didn’t get to live long.

OJ is not just a popular figure for being a former NFL player but was made famous after a murder case of his wife and friend.

It was reported back on June 12, 1994, that OJ’s wife Brown and his friend Goldman were found dead in Los Angeles.

The former NFL superstar was a prime suspect who was later arrested and taken to court.

The case remains one of the biggest in the history of America which is still something yet unresolved.

He got himself into another problem after beating the murder case which landed him 33 years sentence.

Aaren Simpson didn’t have the opportunity of being alive to see his father OJ Simpson go through the wrong path in life.

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