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Ronnie McNutt Bio Career Death (Suicide Video)

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Ronnie Mcnutt

Ronnie McNutt was a 33 years-old American army member, and sports fan. His suicide video went viral and left many in tears.

He grew and lived in New Albany, Mississippi. He weighed around 75 Kg and his height is 180 cm.

Due to some issues, he did not live long enough beyond 33 years of age.

Ronnie McNutt Biography

Ronnie Mcnutt Biography

He was born 23 May 1987, currently 33 years old before his tragic death. His parents are Cecil McNutt and Elaine McNutt.

Ronnie was raised alongside his siblings a brother and a sister, Joey McNutt and Mindy McNutt. They were born and bred in Tupelo, Mississippi before they all grew and separated.

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Ronnie was a local high school graduate, although his alma meter cannot be confirmed yet. According to our source, he was a graduate.

He died after he took his own life live stream on Facebook after he released the bullet into his head.

The footage went viral so quickly that the attempt at bringing it all down on the micro blogging site was vain.

Ronnie was a lovely young man, nice, affectionate who showed no signs of depression.

His best friend Steen who attended to the public had said he Ronnie had misfired his gun due to the state of drunkenness with no intention of hurting himself initially.

It was usual that Ronnie goes live to ‘ramble’ but then he was drunk and looking at his relationship issues to it added to the burden and hence the result.

Steen confirmed that Ronnie suffered from PTSD after several serving years in the Army during the Iraq War.

The video was live on Facebook while he was still alive, Steen explained. Ronnie had accidentally shot his gun as the live stream went on, which was how Steen got informed about the situation by another friend.

“He was still very much alive and talking when the video was being reported,” He said.

He also noted that policemen who were informed about the situation were also outside Ronnie’s apartment watching him live.

After several requests that the video might be brought down on the social media platform, it took a while for the reply to finally get back to them, Steen continued.

The suicide took place around 10:30 p.m. when Facebook reach out back to him it was around 11:51 p.m it read;

“It will remain on Facebook since we only remove content that contradicts our community standards and our standard does not encourage suicide or self-inflicted injury.”

Around 1:00 a.m. or 1:30 a.m., the video was finally brought down by Facebook.

McNutt Career

Ronnie McNutt Career

Ronnie was in the American army and was on the enlistment of those in the Iraq War. As at the time before his death, Ronnie was working with the Toyota plant in Blue Springs.

He also did work in a local theatre and was in collaboration on a podcast show.

There is not much information about his career because he lived a very private life while alive. He could go months without seeing family members and friends.

Ronnie McNutt Video

Ronnie Mcnutt Video

Ronnie’s death video was one of the most shocking clips in December 2021. He had shocked the world and shook the internet, He was a hardworking young man, kind and cheerful.

Although at some points in one’s life there are downs and lowest points luckily for some they make it out but some others might not be so lucky.

While some tied the incident that led to his death happened because of depression, frustration, or due to mental stresses or drunkenness it is such a pity because he is gone and he is a typical example of those that get unlucky to get back on their feet.

His last message on August 31ST likened his death to be suicidal after it depicts lack of care and love which might have been one of the reasons for his death, the post read;

Ronnie McNutt last words

Watch The moments before Ronnie McNutt death Video:

@thaidropzstuff Rip Ronnie McNutt (TikTok pls dont take it down lol) #rip ♬ Use this sound if what u said was cap – xeoxz

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