Joanna Zanella Bio Brendan Schaub Wife [2023 Update]

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Joanna Zanella

Joanna Zanella is a businesswoman, actress, model, television personality and Brendan Schaub’s wife.

She has been happy together with Brendan for a long time now. Joanna loves being fit and takes part in fitness workouts with her trainer.

Her husband, Brendan, switched from an MMA fighter to a comedian and podcaster.

Joanna Zanella Biography

Joanna Zanella

She was born May 5, 1988, in California, USA. Joanna Zanella is 35 years old and recently added another year.

Her mother’s name is Leticia Zanella Allen. She had to do a lot to make sure her daughter grew up fine.

Her father’s name is Juan Carlos Camberos. He is a businessman who is locally known in Mexico.

She has remarkable pictures of her childhood days in Mexico.

Zanella grew up with her brother, Steven. She describes her brother, Steven as the best little brother ever.

Her family left Mexico after ten years and returned to California in the US.

2018 on Father’s Day, Joanna shared a picture of her father and wrote a long message to him, thanking him for everything.

On Mother’s Day in 2019, She celebrated her mother with lovely messages on social media.

Joanna always dreamed of becoming an actress from the young age of four years old.

She started her acting career at just ten years old when her family returned to California.

Her parents helped Zanella become an actress and sign a deal with an agency.

As a young actress, She worked on commercials with top brands like Wells Fargo Bank, Umbrella Girls USA, Kraft, JcPenny, Nickelodeon, and more.

She participated in the pageant world as a model and was named the 2009 Miss Mexico Fox Sports USA.

She also worked as a TV anchor for Fox Sports and converted various UFC fights.

2005 Joanna won the Voz Latina award for her role and part in a Latin soap opera.

She has acted in movies such as Sleeping Dogs Lie, Sin Verquenza, Reality Terror Night, and Hold the Line.

Brendan Schaub Wife

Brendan Schaub Wife

Joanna Zanella is the happily married wife of retired UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.

Joanna and Brendan started dating after some time and got engaged in 2017.

The couple let in their foremost child, a boy called Tiger, in 2016.

Joanna gave birth to their second child named Boston; in 2019.

Brendan Schaub’s and Joanna Zanella-Schaub are both committed in their relationship.

It hasn’t been all fine and relaxed with them as they have witnessed a lot together but decided on staying as one.

Their love is one sweet story that many of their fans have followed since the early days they started.

The couple ensures they find a way to appreciate each other more to keep their love strong.

Their understanding has also helped them through a lot, knowing they are a couple who are in the spotlight.

They have also balanced a perfect lifestyle separating their fame from their regular lives.

Joanna Career

Joanna Career

Joanna Zanella has had so much success in building a career for herself as a child to adulthood.

She started getting roles in action when she was just a little girl back in 2009.

Her popularity grew after appearing in her first movie role, which introduced her to the world.

She then moved on, getting more time to play roles in a television show that landed her in the spotlight.

She has had to make appearances in so many television movies and shows, which was still as a little girl going into her teenage years.

Her career also moved on from acting to being a television presenter who anchors UFC shows and events.

She also covered other sporting events, including Martial arts and many more.

She had worked in the United States and Mexico as a presenter, covering sporting events.

Her experience and growth in her career spread across so many things, which she was able to handle very well.

She was also a huge lover of sports and athleticism, which helped her adapt quickly to so many things.

Aside from her success on television, she also made many covers as a brand model and face.

Joanna Zanella’s unique looks adding to her body figure helped push her career in modeling to so many places.

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Meanwhile, her husband is one individual who had a fantastic career in the UFC before moving on.

He is more into other ventures in the entertainment industry, where he seems to be doing well.

Brendan Schaub has done so much for himself, and many still have so much respect for how he keeps going.

Joanna Zanella’s Net Worth

Joanna Zanella Net Worth

Her net worth is $5 million. Joanna works as a model and actress professionally.

Her husband, Brendan Schaub, is now a comedian and podcaster.

Joanna Zanella loves to spend time with her husband and children and work on growing in her career.

She is a well-known face on television in Mexico and the United States, both places she calls home.

Her parent’s support did help push her to so many places of success from her childhood.

Her husband’s net worth is around $10 million, partly from his career in the UFC.

He is now on another career path which is still working so well as of this point in his life.

Brendan Schaub and Joanna Zanella share so much success between themselves, which has helped them be good parents to their children.

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