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Kristin Austin

Kristin Austin is an American woman, homemaker, and the wife of retired WWE fighter, Steve Austin.

She has been married to Steve Austin for over ten years and remains happily together.

Steve retired from his career as a WWE after many years of fighting.

Kristin Austin Biography

Kristin Austin

She was born in the USA to her lovely parents.

She became famous thanks to the fame of her husband around the world as a WWE fighter.

She did share any information about her personal life, close friends, and siblings with the public.

Kristin has not revealed anything since she married her husband, Steve Austin, in 2009.

She grew up in the United States, where she and her family have a home despite no information being released.

She had a good time with her parents, as it should be a lot in what she has become today.

She maintains a healthy lifestyle away from the media due to personal reasons she wants to keep the same way.

She is from a white family and ethnicity, which is something that can be seen in her appearance.

She has always been a respectable person with self-confidence and good training from an early age.

Who Is Steve Austin?

Steve Austin

Steve Austin is the husband of Kristin Austin. He is a retired professional wrestler, WWE Celebrity, Actor, TV host, and producer.

His stage name as a wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

During his WWE career, Steve Austin had 19 championships which include; the WWF Tag Team Championship four times, WWF Championship six times, and Intercontinental Championship twice.

Steve is one of the greatest stars in the history of professional wrestling, alongside The Undertaker, Triple H, and The Rock.

He was the leading superstar of the 1990s Era and helped grow WWE into professional wrestling.

His professional wrestling was not the best, with different drinking issues.

His professional career ended in 2003 due to health issues from an injury during the 1997 SummerSlam match against Owen Hart.

The 1997 fight was for the Intercontinental Championship, and Owen Hart dropped Austin on his head.

It broke his neck and resulted in temporary paralysis.

Austin later recovered and returned to wrestle for six more years.

However, the medical problems from the injury in the match against Owen Hart remained, and he had to make a final decision.

Steve declared openly his retirement from his active career in the WWE in 2003.

He has been hosting the Stone Cold Podcast for seven years, since 2014.

Despite his retirement, he often appears in the WWE but not as a fighter.

He has been around when needed, like every big name who has retired from fighting.

His glory days brought a change in WWE as a lot of viewers watched wrestling to see him.

His character was a household name which so many people loved as he mostly played the good guy.

He had his moment as one of the biggest names before he decided to end his successful career.

He is one of the most decorated sportsmen in wrestling and entertainment.

He had success on television at a point in his career before he decided to take time away from the media.

Until now, Stone Cold is a legendary figure who dominated the world when he had an active career in WWE.

Steve Austin Wife

Steve Austin Wife

Kristin Austin is Steve Austin’s wife, a sportsman, and an entertainer.

Steve Austin and Kristin have been together for over ten years now.

They took things slow in the early stages, knowing it wasn’t something new and they needed clarity.

For Steve, it was another journey for him after dealing with several failed relationships.

They could navigate things together until they confirmed how serious their intentions were for each other.

They made their relationship official and started making public appearances with family and friends.

He attends various WWE red carpet events with his wife.

The couple now lives together in California with their adorable family members.

After three failed marriages, Steve decided to marry his wife, Kristin Austin.

A few months later, Steve Austin married his second wife, Jeanie Clarke.

Jeanie was a wrestler known by her stage name Lady Blossom.

His kids’ names are; Stephanie, Loren, and Cassidy born in 1996.

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He got married again to Debra Marshall, a former professional female wrestler, in 2000. They got a divorce in 2003.

He is a man who has tried to balance his life and fame during his active days, which always affects his marriage.

After having difficult times with other wives, he found his perfect woman in Kristin.

Kristin is the woman who owns the heart of Austin and they are building a family for themselves.

Kristin Austin’s Net Worth

Kristin Austin Net Worth

She has a net worth of $1 million. Kristin is a worker who is doing well but is not open about her profession.

Her husband, Stone Cold has a net worth of $ 45 million.

Steve earned massive pay during his WWE career as a fighter.

Kristin Austin now lives with her family in a lovely house.

She isn’t a public person as of this moment, making it difficult to get information.

She is doing well despite being over middle age and still has a profession.

Her partner is a famous individual, and for Kristin, it has always been an issue knowing the media is always around their home.

Kristin Austin and Steve Austin are both private persons who only make public displays on a few occasions as parents.

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