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Renee Portnoy Satterhwaite

Renee Portnoy is a businesswoman, influencer, sports lover, and David Portnoy’s former wife.

Her former husband, popularly known as David Portnoy, founded an American Sports blog named Barstool Sports.

She have created a platform for herself that many thousands follow on her social media pages.

Renee Portnoy Biography

Renee Portnoy Satterhwaite

She was born in Massachusetts, in the USA, on May 5th, 1987. She is now a successful businesswoman and 34 years old.

How old is Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife? Renee Portnoy is 34, 2023, after turning a year older.

The information concerning other members of her family remains unknown as of this point.

She was her parents only with no brother or sister and lived a comfortable life. At only eight years old, she started learning how to ride horses.

Full NameRenee Portnoy Satterthwaite
Age33 years old
Date Of BirthMay 5th 1987
Net Worth$3 Million
Former HusbandDavid Portnoy

She loves pet animals; she has many of them and always spends time playing.

Portnoy was a student at a high school in Abington and completed her graduation in 2001.

She is a graduate who has a degree claimed from Boston University, where she did her education.

She is more famous thanks to her former husband, David Portnoy, an American businessman and founder of Barstool Sports.

She helped David expand his business and reach more people when the blog launched.

Despite being separated long ago, She still helps David with his business online.

At 34 years old, She is still healthy and fit with proper exercises during her free time.

Renee has a lovely healthy diet and exercises daily to sustain her beautiful body.

She also has long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

After she graduated with a business degree, Renee started working immediately.

In 2010, she got her job at a company named, SmartPark and started her professional career there.

SmartPark is a company that helps horse owners by providing equine supplements, riders’ apparel, and other requirements for horse owners.

She later got promoted to director of merchandising at SmartPark.

Renee Portnoy has been a big fan of Animals since when she was a child.

She has shown her love for animals by working on pet adoption and advising people to adopt from shelters rather than buying them from others.

Renee has contributed a lot mostly for local animal home named the Nantucket Island.

She has also dedicated part of her time and wealth in making sure she feeds and care for animals.

Her kindness is one thing which she have used to help and grow her community including everyone around.

David Portnoy Wife

David Portnoy Marriage

In 2005, David Portnoy and Renee met for the first after college, and David worked at Yanke Group in Boston.

Things were a bit slow for both of them, who were still based on knowing themselves.

Things started well for the couple who were instantly in love during their first encounter as they made sure they kept things going on.

The duo took their time before moving into the next step of dating, which already had them seeing more often.

When they decided to take things seriously to the relationship stage, they started making plans and giving each other more time.

The couple got engaged in 2008. The engagement came after three years of being together as a couple.

2009 David and Renee Portnoy married before their loved family members and close friends.

After making things official, they had been enjoying the pleasure of being married to each other.

Things got rocky, and their divorce became valid in 2017 after they both agreed.

In 2016, Their marriage started to have issues after David got caught having an affair with another woman.

As the rumors spread, David Portnoy announced their separation on his blog.

What happened with Renee and Dave Portnoy? David and Renne got legally divorced in 2017.

Also, David confessed he was having an affair with a woman known as Jordyn Hamilton.

A few months after his divorce, David accused his new girlfriend, Jordyn, of being unfaithful.

He claimed that Jordyn was cheating on him with her instructor.

While his relationship drama continued, Renee lived a peaceful life away from the media.

She did not enter a relationship since her divorce and remains single today.

Renee Portnoy is focused on her career and works as an animal lover.

Her last name is still Portnoy, with no change since her divorce from David.

Renee fell off while riding a pony during her childhood and got injured.

Who Is David Portnoy?

David Portnoy

David Portnoy is an internet marketer who has built his empire worth millions from nothing.

He started his brand Barstool Sports, as a local print newspaper, where David distributed copies across the Boston metropolitan.

Over the last ten years, his company has developed as an online platform that provides sports advice and lucrative sports content.

Barstool Sports became more famous online after the Chernin Group bought a majority stake in 2016.

Now, Barstool Sports is a Sports Media empire worth $450 million.

He is a successful man who today have so much tied under his name and brand that is still functioning.

Renee Portnoy’s Net Worth

Renee Portnoy Net Worth

Her net worth is $3 million as of 2023. Renee earned from her various businesses and as an equine buyer.

She isn’t open, but she is doing so well in her career and making considerable money.

She is engaged in many things as a career woman who always wants to make more money.

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Her dedication to getting things done pushes her to always want to do more and get more.

Over the years, her fame has become widely known to many who respect everything she represents.

Along the way, she has also used her wealth to make the world a better place by contributing to society.

What is David Portnoy’s net worth? He has a net worth that is $100 million.

He is well blessed in his career, which he is doing well enough as a sole owner of his brand.

His company is worth a fortune despite building it from nothing to become the man he is today.

Renee Portnoy lives alone, working on business plans to grow her net worth.

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