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Renata Elizabeth White Stephen Jackson Wife Bio

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Renata Elizabeth White

Renata Elizabeth White is an American woman, Celebrity, NBA fan, and former wife of NBA Legendary player Stephen Jackson.

She was held at gunpoint in 2010 and is known for her shocking police record.

Renata Elizabeth White Biography

Renata Elizabeth White

Renata Elizabeth White

She is popularly known as Renata Jackson and was born to her parents in Georgia, USA 1980.

In 2010, She was attacked by thieves at home in a scary situation.

On that day, three men broke into her house and put a gun to her head, while they stole various house valuables.

They took her Louis Vuitton wallet, аnd оthеr belongings.

Renata wаѕ nоt hurt after the robbery and the police are still yet to arrest the house invaders today.

Eye Witnesses claimed thаt it was not an unusual burglary, аnd nо оnе understands hоw thе suspects were able to enter the house.

34-year-old Renata hаѕ a shocking police record which included crimes such ass affirmed sedate dealing, ambush, endeavor tо evade, mimicking law official, аnd poor driving.

Stephen Jackson Wife Renata

Stephen Jackson Wife

Renata gоt married tо hеr husband in Houston, Texas, the USA, in 2009.

The wedding ceremony had 225 people from family аnd close friends аt thе Westminister United Methodist Church.

In 2004, She met her husband at a picnic in Atlanta. Stephen was timid and did not come to her directly, instead of sending friends to talk to her.

In 2013, Renata was pregnant with their first child, but the childbirth was unsuccessful and affected the lovely couple.

Speaking about the child, Jackson said: ‘It was a difficult circumstance.

“Frustrating, and I’m still not over it.

“My wife is also not doing well. My goal now is to help her. I also need to help myself since this was a child we were both expecting.”

In 2009, Elizabeth and her husband, Jackson, got a divorce after four years together and the unsuccessful childbirth.

The divorce was complicated as Renata accused Stephen, that he sold her Bentley without informing her.

After some months, Stephen and Elizabeth agreed to a confidential settlement.

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

Stephen is a famous NBA player born in Texas, the USA, in 1978. He grew up with only his mother, Judyette.

During his childhood, Stephen worked for his grandfather at his restaurant in Port Arthur.

At 16 years old, Jackson’s Half-brother died due to head injuries after being assaulted.

Stephen grew up to become a successful basketball player, and he has played for different NBA teams like San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers, amongst others.

The former NBA player is the father of five children from five different mothers.

Stephen Jackson Children include one child with his former wife, Renata Elizabeth White.

He has two kids with his former girlfriend, Melissa Showalter, but left her at the altar because she failed to sign a prenup.

The NBA Legend has spent millions on child support even though he is never allowed to see his children.

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