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Cindy Deangelis Grossman Bio Herschel Walker Wife [2022]

Cindy Deangelis Grossman is an American Woman, Sports Fan, and the former wife of Herschel Walker.

She was happily married to Herschel, but they decided to part ways after some family issues.

The couple had a child during their marriage and now work together to keep everything happy and excellent within the lovely family.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman Biography

Cindy Deangelis Grossman

She was born in Florida, the USA, in 1962. Her father is Thomas DeAngelis. She is now 60 years old.

There is no information about her mother, siblings and other close family members.

She attended a local high school in Florida and later attended the University of Georgia as a college student.

She took part in various track field events during high school, which earned her some medals.

Cindy spent some years at the University of Georgia as a good student and completed her degree there.

She graduated from the University of Georgia with a good result degree in business.

She is 6 feet, 1 inch tall, and beautiful body, beautiful eyes, and black hair.

Herschel Walker Wife

Herschel Walker Ex Wife

Cindy Deangelis Grossman is the former wife of Herschel Walker. They got a divorce after some time together over the years.

Herschel and Cindy got married after dating on 31 March 1983. The Couple met in a training room while receiving treatment for injuries.

Cindy and her husband got blessed with their first child, a boy, after 16 years of being married.

The boy’s name is Christian Walker, born in the USA on 30 September 1999.

Christian’s father, Herschel, started his football career as a player for the New Jersey Generals in the United States Football League.

After some time, he joined the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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In 2002, Cindy asked for a divorce from her husband after over 15 years of marriage.

The main reason for the divorce was her husband’s illness, a nasty disease called, Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The disorder that affected Herschel has different personalities or identities that take control of the body.

There are various symptoms of Herschel’s illness, such as memory loss.

In a shocking interview, Herschel’s ex-wife, Cindy Deangelis Grossman, revealed that her ex-husband almost killed her with her friends and therapist.

She revealed that there were other incidents that Herschel could not even remember.

According to Herschel’s therapist, Jerry Mungadze, he did not remember what Cindy had said because it was the disorder.

Despite being divorced from Herschel, Cindy and her ex-husband still take care of their child.

Their son, Christian, is a successful cheerleader. In 2014, he decided to develop his career as a cheerleader.

Christian said that he knew his father would understand his decision to become a successful cheerleader in an interview.

In 2015, Cindy, and her ex-husband Herschel, attended the junior coed national championship, where Christian and his teammates finished first.

Christian shared a photo with his mother in October 2016 to show his love and affection for her.

Herschel and his former wife Cindy now have a great relationship and spend some quality time together to keep their family together. He has some well-known diets, which has surprised many fans worldwide.

Herschel was previously a resident in Texas, but he has now moved to West Lake on the other side of Texas with fantastic views to enjoy his time and work life.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman Net Worth

Cindy Deangelis Grossman Net Worth

She has a net worth of $100,000. Cindy has previously worked as a mixed martial artist and became her source of revenue.

She now owns a lucrative business, which earns her a income.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman is still a fan of Martial Arts and watches some matches during her free time.

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