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Stacie Zabka

Stacie Zabka is a famous American woman, Celebrity Star, Business owner, Movie fan, and actor William Zabka’s wife.

Her husband, William Zabka, is famous for his crucial role in the movie Karate Kid, which earns massive attraction.

She is helping a lot in her marriage with her partner. They both have a wonderful home together.

Stacie Zabka Biography

Stacie Zabka

She was born in 1974. Stacie Lynn Doss was born in the United States Of America.

She has a Latin ethnicity, but there is no information about her birth date, childhood, or family members.

She will be 49 years in 2023 after making her birthday which already happened with family and friends.

William Zabka’s wife is famous because her husband works as an actor.

William has appeared in various movies since the start of his acting career in 1983.

Stacie Lynn and William got married in 2008. The couple has had two children since their marriage, and there is no public information about their marriage.

She is private and has not attended any public event since 2010. Stacie Lynn does not have any active social media accounts.

Husband William Zabka

William Zabka

William Michael Zabka was born in New York City, USA, on October 20th, 1965. He is now 54 years old and works as an actor, movie director, iconic screenwriter, and TV movie producer.

His parents also worked in the movie industry; his father is Stanley Zabka, and his mother, Nancy Zabka, also worked as movie producers during their careers. Stanley is famous at NBC Television for his years of hard work and dedication to the TV network.

Who did Zabka marry? Stacie Zabka’s husband, William, appeared in numerous TV shows and debuted in 1983 as Clarence Mortner Jr. in the famous TV show, The Greatest American Hero.

Is William Zabka still married? Yes, he is married to his adorable spouse Stacie Zabka.

In 1984, He got his first movie role in the movie industry as Johnny Lawrence in the iconic film, The Karate Kid.

He got nine roles in three years to appear in various movies and The Karate Kid Part II.

From 1989 to 2014, he worked on 28 different movies, and the most popular was his role in the TV show, How I Met Your Mother from 2013 to 2014.

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After a few more roles, he got the lead role in the YouTube Red TV series Cobra Kai, a continuation of, The Karate Kid.

William loves Sports and always watches various games over the years.

Before William Zabka’s Wife, Stacie Zabka, got married in 2018, William and his wife started their love life for some years. Only family members and close friends attended the Zabka Wedding ceremony.

William was among the nominees for the Youngest Artist Award twice for Best Young Supporting Actor.

He got nominated for an Oscar Award in the Best Short Film category for his role in the movie, ‘Most.’

He is an incredible professional who has appeared in and led several roles on television.

His achievement is beyond so many who have started a career early.

There is so much his heart was set upon since making his debut in Hollywood, where he holds a spot.

His parents had their part to play in making sure William got his big break in the movie industry.

It wasn’t an easy ride, but William ensured he faced every obstacle and emerged better.

He developed himself by working hard and learning from others with far industry experience.

He grew himself from a younger age doing everything possible to stand out.

His development helped him a lot as he had the opportunity to play roles that assisted in putting him out.

His roles have earned him many accolades and respect from other workmates.

He is one actor who has worked his way to the top of becoming a global name in the industry.

He continues to work hard despite already making a place in Hollywood, where many names occupy.

Aside from acting, William has tried their hands at directing and another part behind the scene to produce magic.

He has attained so much success as an actor and also a director in charge of several television works.

Are Ralph Macchio and William Zabka friends in real life? Yes, they eventually became real-life friends after working together.

Stacie Career

Stacie Career

Stacie Zabka is into business and enjoying a lot of wealth managing her enterprise.

She is a business owner and controls the whole movement of the organization, which has been active for years.

Her role as a celebrity wife has helped grow her profession which is doing well today.

Stacie enjoys her time as a mother and wife to her husband, who, on most occasions, shoots movies.

She has kept herself busy with a job and not just be a celebrity wife who benefits from her partner’s job.

She partakes in other jobs that help generate more income and push her career forward.

Stacie Zabka is as hard-working as William, and they both care for a lot in their family.

Stacie Zabka’s Net Worth

Stacie Zabka Net Worth

Stacie has a net worth of $300,000. Her husband, William, has a net worth of $2 million.

Movie-related jobs have helped William Zabka to grow his wealth over the last decade.

She has generated a fortune from her job, which isn’t close to what her husband has today.

Her priorities are mostly being a wife and mother who has done an excellent job keeping everything going.

We can’t pinpoint her exact business, but she controls a lot and makes things happen as a boss.

Her husband is the primary support of their family as he brings in more of the money for their home.

He has gathered a lot from his acting job and other ventures, which have all generated his net worth.

How much did William Zabka get paid for Karate Kid? The actor got a considerable sum of $20,000 during the 80s.

Stacie Zabka and William Zabka have properties, including ventures they work on jointly to make money for their family.

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