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Emily Cinnamon Alvarez Bio Age Canelo Alvarez Kids [2022]

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is a beautiful Lady, Boxing Fan, Celebrity Child, and daughter of Canelo Alvarez.

She was born when Canelo was only 17 years old with his childhood lover and mother, Karen Beltrán.

Her father, Canelo has four other kids with different women.

Canelo Alvarez Children Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

Canelo has never officially gotten married, but he has children with different women. In 2007, He welcomed his first child into the world, a girl known as Emily Cinnamon Alvarez.

Emily’s mother is Cancelo’s school lover Karen Beltrán.

Even though Canelo and Karen are no longer together, he is still present in his daughter’s life today, helping her grow into a successful woman.

Very often, Emily, who he calls “my little princess,” accompanies him to his fights and other events.

Mia Ener Alvarez (Mother: Valeria Quiroz)

Emily Sister Maria Ivarez

Mia is Cancelo’s second daughter. She was born while in a romantic relationship with a beautiful model Valeria Quiroz. Mia currently lives with her mother in Los Angeles, USA.

Maria is Canelo’s youngest child. Canelo and her mom, Fernanda Gómez, were in a relationship when she got pregnant and later gave birth to Maria.

She met the athlete through a familiar friend, who worked for another athlete, Oscar De La Hoya.

Fernanda and Canelo’s relationship did not last beyond a year, but they later separated.

However, the boxer remains connected with his little daughter, Maria, despite his busy schedule. He planned and gave her a successful party for her first birthday.

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Saul Adiel Alvarez (Mother: Nelda Sepulveda)

Saul is the first son of Canelo, and the fourth kid was welcomed into the world in 2019, 9 months after his third daughter Maria was born.

His mother is a businesswoman named Nelda Sepulveda. In 2019, Canelo’s first male child got baptized.

Canelo Alvarez Parents

Canelo Alvarez Father

Canelo loves his family very much. He is close with all his four kids, siblings, and parents despite his busy boxing career.

His father’s full and real name is Santos Alvarez. Santos is the proud father of eight children, seven boys, and one girl, with his lovely wife, Ana María Barragán, after so many years of marriage together.

In 2005 the couple got a divorce. After the Ana Maria sad divorce, Santos started dating a new woman he met while single, known as Susana.

Back in 2006, he got his first child, a boy named Bryan, with her. But they later got separated. Right now, Santos lives in Jalisco, Mexico.

Maria Barragan is Canelo’s mom, and he shares pictures of her on his Instagram account regularly. His mom loves his fights in the boxing world.

She revealed that each Canelo’s win or loss in boxing is always an unforgettable emotional experience during an interview. She attends her son’s boxing and still roots for Alvarez.

Ana attends most of her son’s boxing fights and always wants Alvarez to win every bout in the best way possible.

Ana raised all her children on a little family farm. She is from a working-class family and never expected that one of her kids could become a world-famous athlete one day.

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is now happy living his father, Canelo in their family home.

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