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How Much Is MrBeast Net Worth, Bio, Merch 2021

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How much is MrBeast Worth? Mr Beast’s net worth is $22m. How much he earns is a tricky question. But a rough estimate is, he makes $0.03 per second, $114.16 per hour, and $2,739.73 per day.

MrBeast Net worth has made him one of the most popular and generous American YouTuber (vlogger). His real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and known by his alias MrBeast.

He started his YouTube channel (MrBeast600) in 2012 when he was just 13. His ideas are unique, and have a reputation for doing things differently.

Every single time he manages to amaze his fans, and everybody enjoys seeing them on screen. Jimmy started creating videos in 2012.

MrBeast Bio


He is famous for expensive stunts and philanthropy. His early content was not viral. He creates content on “Let’s Plays” and “Estimating the wealth of YouTubers.” 

Jimmy shares his crazy thoughts and ideas on Twitter also. His images are exciting but not violent.

Does MrBeast have a girlfriend? 

MrBeast is in a relationship with Maddy Spidell (20 years old). However, it is unclear when and where MrBeast and Maddy meet and before they started dating. Last year He surprised his fans by revealing his new relationship.

Maddy Spidell is a beautiful model born on March 31th, 2001, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (United States).

She is 5 feet, 7inch tall, and her weight is 58KG. She has two family siblings.

Maddy is an Instagram model and rising influencer herself, who shares traveling, dancing, and modeling posts.

MrBeast TikTok Account? 

Yes, MrBeast has his TikTok account, and this (@mrbeast) is his official TikTok handle. 

Who are MrBeast’s best friends? 

Chandler Hallow and Chris Tyson are his childhood best friends and work full time with YouTube star jimmy. They are working with him since 2018. 

What is MrBeast’s real name? 

Are you wondering about MrBeast’s real name? His name is Jimmy Donaldson, and his birth date is May 7, every year, and is from Kansas, United States. 

Where is MrBeast’s house?

He was born in Kansas and lived in Greenville, North Carolina (United States).

MrBeast YouTube Channel Statistics 

MrBeast creates, on average, two videos per month. His audiences are steadily growing and have 29.4 subscribers, 4.6 billion views, and 721 published videos. MrBeast Net Worth has grown thanks to his large fanbase on his YouTube channel from around the world.

MrBeast Disease? 

He has Crohn’s disease, which he revealed in a video titled “My Problems” in April 2015. 

How tall is MrBeast? 

The young and talented Vlogger Jimmy Donaldson is 6 feet and 3 inches tall, with a very positive attitude towards life. 

MrBeast Age? 

The famous Youtube Star, MrBeast, is 22 years old and will be 23 years old in 2021.

MrBeast Awards

Mr Beast Awards

He won YouTuber of the year, and Breakout creator in 2019, and MrBeast YouTube is equally famous among people of every age. 

MrBeast Accomplishments: 

As far as Mr. Beast accomplishments are concerned, we have compiled a list of the achievements throughout his life; you can have a look at them below: 

  • MrBeast raised more than $20,000 to help the ecosystem grow, by just the growth of more than 200,00,000 plants.
  • There are numerous charities made by MrBeast.
  • All the Ubers running on America’s roads are just because of MrBeast’s efforts to better transport the general public.
  • He Also viewed the paint Dry.
  • MrBeast also has donations made in terms of cars, yes that’s right! MrBeast made donations as cars like donated more than 100 cars.
  • In addition to that, he read the longest English word.
  • There is a private island that was given away from his side.
  • The donations were also made in terms of Ps4, for which MrBeast has given away around 100 Ps4.
  • One video has to have a million dollars donation, and MrBeast net worth grows as he also gave that away.
  • MrBeast also has this feather in his crown of counting to 100,000.
  • MrBeast read the Bee movie script.
  • MrBeast likewise read the longest English novel.
  • The show Dance till you’re Dead was watched by MrBeast for consecutively 10 hours straight.
  • MrBeast adopted all the dogs in the shelter of that time.
  • The world’s most extended shoes, Marathon was also run by MrBeast.
  • In addition to all of this, MrBeast watched It’s everyday Bro continuously for 10 hours. Now that we have had a look at the accomplishments of MrBeast let us move on to some more exciting things about him. 

MrBeast Logo

As MrBeast has managed to have a fascinating and charming personality, he also has this fantastic logo. 

He owns a fantastic blue lion logo, which is roaring and looks like a beast somehow.

The logo is pretty famous among the people, and many people on YouTube have tried to draw it, and there also are people who have posted tutorials on how to make MrBeast logo. 

People are keen on every move that MrBeast makes so that they can follow it. 

MrBeast Gaming 

The main channel MrBeast also has a MrBeast gaming channel with around 9.73 million subscribers and much more than that views on the videos.


So, this is everything about MrBeast, and we tried to manage to put everything in this article that anybody would want to know.

If you know anything exciting about MrBeast that we forgot to mention, you can post in the comments section below and share it with the people like you who love MrBeast. 

If you have any questions regarding MrBeast Net Worth, biography or anything else, you can also ask it freely, and we will be more than happy to assist you with that. 

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