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Mirtha Jung

Mirtha Jung is from Cuba, a female former cartel member, private person and is the wife of the famous Cuban International George Jung.

She became popular worldwide after the release of a movie named ‘Blow,’ which focused on the life of her husband, George Jung.

Mirtha and George were part of a massive Cuban cartel that transported drugs from Colombia to the United States Of America.

They met each other in Colombia about cartel work.

Despite being 10-year apart in terms of age, Mirtha and George dated each other and got married.

Mirtha has a female child known as Kristina Sunshine.

After some years together, Mirtha got a divorce from George and moved on.

She’s now clean from all the bad stuff she used to do before.

Mirtha Jung Biography

Full NameMirtha Jung Young
Age57 years old
Date Of BirthDecember 3
Net Worth$20,000
ChildrenKristina Sunshine Jung

Mirtha was born on December 3, and her last name is Mirtha Calderon. There are rumors about her birth date in the media with various claims. She is from Cuba, but she now lives in the US.

Mirtha Jung And George Relationship


"Mirtha Jung Young

Mirtha and George met each other through friends back in Colombia. She was ten years younger than George and at the age of 24.

In 1977, they decided to get married after dating for some years.

George Jung is the son of Ermine and Fredrick Jung. He was born in Massachusetts, USA.

In high school, George started showing individual leadership skills, and he attended the University of Southern Mississippi but failed to graduate.

On August 1, 1978, Mirtha gave birth to their first child, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

Kristina Jung is now a businesswoman, writer, and poet.

Mirtha and George were deeply in love, but their relationship did not progress stronger after their marriage.

Their destructive behaviors ruined their marriage within some years together.

George Jung married another lady named Ronda Clay Spinello after his divorce from Mirtha.

It remains unknown if Mirtha got married again or found love with someone else. George Jung lives with his new wife, Ronda, in San Diego.

She raised their daughter Kristina alone. Kristina has two children with her husband, Romain Karan.

Mirtha Activity

Mirtha Jung Young

Mirtha Jung loved taking drugs. Despite being pregnant with Kristina, She still used the harmful substances enough though her doctors warned her.

After Kristina was born, Mirtha did not stop her bad behavior, and in a few months, She was charged with drug possession and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

During her time in prison, she did everything possible to have a new life and support her daughter, who was only three years old.

In 1981, Mirtha was released and kept her distance from her destructive behaviors.

During 1970s and 1980s, Mirtha and her husband worked with the ‘Medellin Cartel’, which transported illicit substances to the United States from Colombia.

In 2001, the movie ‘Blow’ was created about the life of Mirtha’s husband. The film gave her more fame.

After the movie’s release in 2001, Mirtha gave an interview to a Texas newspaper and has kept her distance from the media ever since.

George Jung Net Worth?

George had an estimated net worth of $100 million during his earlier years, but after his time in Prison, George Jung lost all his money.

Now, George has a net worth of $20,000.

Mirtha Children?

Her daughter is Kristina Sunshine Jung.

Mirtha Jung Net Worth?

Mirtha Jung estimated net worth is $200,000, which she earned from various films about her life and husband’s life.

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