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One of the major aspects to any huge sporting event is the way in which people are likely to stake on it. With Euro 2020 rearing its head, you can be sure that this event is another which is going to be especially prone to that kind of punting. But in order to know how best to approach it, you are going to have to be aware of the stats that you are likely to face. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those in some detail, so that you can be in a better position when it comes to staking on Euro 2020.
The first thing to bear in mind is that France are the early favourites to win, having been drawn in Group F against Germany, Portugal and either Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Belarus, North Macedonia or Kosovo. That alone looks like an interesting setting to stake on, but other groups also offer up some strange and wonderful opportunities if you have a keen eye. In particular, there will be a lot of focus on Group D, which sees England facing off against Croatia – a rematch of the World Cup Semi-Final of last year, where Croatia won by 2-1.
Group A has Turkey, Italy, Wales and Switzerland facing off – one group which might not see quite as many of the votes, but nonetheless an interesting match-up. In Group C we have the Netherlands with Ukraine, Austria and either North Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo or Belarus.
One team looking particularly strong in Belgium, having managed to get through qualifiers without being beaten once. They are placed in a group against Finland, Russia and Denmark. Finally, the winners for 2012 – Spain – will be in a group with Sweden, Poland and either Bosnia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland.
With all these interesting match-ups, it’s going to be a fascinating event for many reasons, and especially if you are looking to try and place some decent stakes on the sporting event on the whole. Let’s look now at some of the stats that you might be able to expect, as far as we can tell at this early stage.
Analysis – Euro 2020
The main kind of stakes being placed on Euro 2020 will, of course, be on which team is to win. So let’s look first at some of the stats for the major teams in this competition, so you can get a feel for how that looks to pan out next year. This is according to recent news as well as a number of other sources.
France: 3-1
England: 4-1
Spain: 5-1
Belgium: 6-1
Germany: 8-1
Netherlands: 10-1
Italy: 12-1
Portugal: 12-1
Croatia: 22-1
Wales: 60-1
Russia: 60-1
Switzerland: 66-1
Denmark: 75-1
Poland: 75-1
Serbia: 100-1
Ukraine: 100-1
Turkey: 100-1
Sweden: 100-1
Austria: 125-1
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 150-1
Czech Republic: 150-1
Republic of Ireland: 150-1
Slovakia: 150-1
Iceland: 200-1
Hungary: 200-1
Romania: 200-1
Norway: 200-1
Northern Ireland: 250-1
Israel: 300-1
Scotland: 500-1
Finland:  500-1
Kosovo: 1500-1
Bulgaria: 1500-1
Belarus: 2000-1
North Macedonia: 2000-1
Georgia: 4500-1
As you can see, you have plenty of options if you are looking to stake on Euro 2020, with France and England and Spain being fair options, and way down on the list being Georgia and North Macedonia if you fancy an incredibly outside option. If you are looking to place on the Euro 2020, you will find this information most helpful indeed in helping you to make your punting decision early on. If you can get a stake down now on a good shout, you might even be able to come out on top.

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