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Aaron Samuel Olanare is a professional football player born back in the year 1994 in Nigeria and is one of the most talented football players to live as well.

Aaron Samuel Olanare

Aaron Samuel Olanare

As of now, this talented football player is playing for FC Amkar Perm and the Nigerian National Team. Let’s go ahead and deep dive into his life and figure out many more details.

Aaron Samuel has had a relatively short career in playing football but has been able to achieve many great things during that period.

Hence, it is worthy to take a look back into the past and see what he has been able to achieve. During the short career, Aaron Samuel Olanare has played for few football clubs. He likes a tip on how to Check Airtel Data Balance and has also been able to represent Nigerian football in the youth levels.

With the outstanding performances portrayed by Aaron Samuel Olanare during the youth levels, he was able to get into the National Football club back in the year 2014.

Since then, he was able to secure his position. He is one of the most prominent players in the Nigerian National Football team as of now.

The Early Career Of Aaron Samuel Olanare

As mentioned earlier, Aaron Samuel Olanare was born back in the year 1994. 4th of June is his birthday. He is having African ethnic backgrounds. The birthplace of this football player was Port Harcourt.

From childhood, Aaron Samuel Olanare developed his passion and interest in playing football. Then he was able to carry that forward to the next level and become a prominent football player.

During childhood, Aaron Samuel Olanare decided to go ahead and join a few youth football clubs. This was one of the best decisions taken by him.

That’s because the youth football clubs were able to enhance the experience of him and helped him to become a better player by developing his skills.

He is playing as a successful player for the National Team with that experience and expertise.

International Career of Aaron Samuel Olanare

Aaron Samuel Olanare got into his international career in the year 2014. He was able to play his very first match against Sudan in October. This was a friendly match and he was able to earn his first goal in this match as well.

This was the starting point of Aaron Samuel Olanare’s international journey. Since then, he has scored many goals for the Nigerian international team as well as the other clubs that he has played.

We can expect him to continue that in the future and become one of the best scorers for the country as well.

Aaron Samuel Olanare Salary

By being a successful football player, who plays for the National Team of Nigeria, Samuel Olanare is earning a decent salary.

As per the recent estimations, it has been identified that the salary of this football player is around 1.1 million Euros per year. In other words, he is earning around 23,000 Euros per week.

He is one of the top-earning football players in the region as well.

All the money that Olanare is receiving is not from Nigerian Football Team. Instead, he is playing for FC Amkar Perm as well. This is a Russian League Football Club.

The club is paying a great salary to Olanare, in return to his excellent performances. It is also contributing heavily towards the amount that he is getting at the end of the day.

According to the stats of 2018, a net worth of Aaron Samuel Olanare was around 720,000 Euros. He is still young and we can expect him to become one of the richest football players in the region during the future.

He is currently working on a mission to achieve that and we can expect him to go for it in the future.

When the net worth of Samuel Olanare is calculated while considering all his accounts, we can expect it to surpass over $1 million.

As mentioned earlier, these figures will increase in the future, along with Aaron Samuel salary and his performances.

He has also been able to earn a lot of wealth by playing for numerous football clubs in the past. We can expect him to do it in the future as well.

Along with the level of performances portrayed, we can also expect Aaron Samuel Olanare to play for some of the leading football clubs in the future as well. This will heavily contribute to the amount that he will be able to earn at the end of the day.

Aaron Samuel Cars 

Apart from being a football player, Aaron Samuel Olanare is well-known out there in the world as a car lover as well. Therefore, you would be interested in getting to know more about his car collection.

In the Aaron Samuel cars, you will be able to see him riding a Mercedes in most of the instances. He purchased a Mercedes-Benz G-Class back in the year 2016 and that’s his most popular car as of now. In addition to that, he also owns a Range Rover and a Porsche.

Personal Life Of Aaron Samuel Olanare

Aaron Samuel

Aaron Samuel Olanare is a tall football player. He has a height of 6 feet two inches. He weighs around 88kg.

As of now, Olanare is happily married and he has got two kids. The first kid of this football player was born back in the year 2015. Then they were able to get the second child back in 2018.

This Nigerian National football player was previously dating a well-known writer named Queen Layefa. They met each other while spending time in Norway.

As soon as the meeting, they started dating each other. Apart from being a writer, Queen Layefa was also an IT specialist and an entrepreneur.

However, this relationship didn’t last for a long period and they eventually broke up.

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Aaron Samuel Olanare Stats:

Name: Aaron Samuel Olanare
Age: 25 Years Old
Position: Striker
Place Of Birth: Port Harcourt Nigeria
Height: 1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)
Current Club: Sichuan Longfor

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