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Russell Wilson Wife Net Worth Parents

Russell Wilson is an Athlete, Sports Fan, Baseball Player, Celebrity, and the son of Harrison Wilson III.

His parents are Harrison Wilson III and Tammy Wilson. Harrison was an athlete, as he played football and baseball in college.

Russell Wilson Biography

Russell Wilson

He was born in Cincinnati, USA on November 29, 1988. His parents are his father, Harrison, and his mother, Tammy Wilson.

He grew up as a child in Richmond, Virginia.

Russell was a baseball and football player during his youth days and got drafted in 2007.

He decided to play football at North Carolina State instead.

In 2010, The Rockies drafted him with big plans.

However, in 2012, Russell was drafted by the Seahawks for the future.

If the era of being a two-sport athlete is possible, we could have seen him play both baseball and football in the National Leagues.

Parents Harrison And Tammy Wilson

Wilson Parents

His father, Harrison Wilson III, was a baseball player at Dartmouth College when his successful career started.

In 1980, Harrison played as a wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers pre-season team but did not get picked in the final team.

Russell’s mother, Tammy, was a well-respected nurse consultant with years of experience.

In 2019, he bought his mother a new house and shared the video on social media.

He revealed that his mother always wanted him to love, and Russell decided to surprise her with a beautiful new house.

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Wilson is a very religious person. His belief has helped him get past the difficult times of his life and career.

People in Seattle have spoken about the charity works he has done by visiting hospitals and helping those in need.

He has talked about mental health, shared his old struggles during his father’s illness and death.

In 2014, there was some controversy around Russell after a leak that some players in the Seahawks locker room felt he was not black enough.

Seahawks players like Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, and Richard Sherman, denied the claim.

Russell Wilson Wife Ciara

Russell Wilson Wife Ciara

Russell got married to his wife, Ciara, in 2016. The couple has two children, a beautiful young daughter called Sienna and a new baby.

Ciara has a child from her previous relationship, a son named Future Zahir.

Russell Wilson’s wife, Ciara, is a famous musician with millions of fans across her social media accounts.

He is the owner of the iconic Seahawks number 3 jersey and has shared his various advice about success.

Russell Wilson Net Worth

Russell Wilson Net Worth

Russell has a net worth of $25 million. His salary has grown as a Seahawks player, including various endorsement contract deals.

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