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Maureen Blumhardt Charles Barkley Wife Daughter Net Worth

Maureen Blumhardt is a beautiful American lady, Celebrity WAG, and former NBA player Charles Barkley’s wife with one stunning daughter.

She is a beautiful philanthropist and previously worked as a famous model for different brands.

Maureen Blumhardt Biography

Maureen Blumhardt
Maureen Blumhardt

She was born in Arizona, the USA on Jan 15th, 1960. Maureen is from a loving family, and her parents care about her very much. She is now 40 years old.

She and her husband Charles Barkley met each other back in the 1980s at a famous restaurant known as City Avenue in Pennsylvania restaurant.

She was working as a beautiful model promoting Noblerex K-1, while Charles was an NFL player for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The two started to get each other, moved into dating for a few years, and they got married as a couple in 1989.

The Sports couple has a daughter together known as Christina. She was an excellent student at Villanova University before studying at the Columbia Journalism School. The couple and child live together in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Charles Barkley Wife CAREER

Charles Barkley wife

During the start of her career, Maureen worked as a beautiful legal aid and a stunning model for different brands.

She is focused on philanthropic acts of humanity. She is also a part of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, which helps women of any age to acquire education, skills, resources, and support.

Maureen has a Twitter account where she shares funny posts but has only 1720 followers. She is only active on Twitter.

Charles Barkley And Maureen Daughter

Maureen Daughter Christiana

Christina Barkley is the only kid of her parents, father, Charles Barkley, and mother, Maureen Blumhardt. She was born the same year Charles and his wife, Maureen, got married.

When she was born, the Barkley family lived in Scottsdale (Arizona), USA. Charles still owns a mansion in Arison, and now She moved to New York.

Christina was a student at Villanova University. Then, she decided to study journalism at Columbia University. Now, she works as a sales assistant for a media company known as; Turner Sports.

Charles Barkley’s wife still hopes to have more children in the future together as a lovely family. He is a faithful man, father, and NFL Legend.

In 2016, Barkley revealed to the world that he was rooting for his daughter in the NCAA title game.

‘My daughter has worked hard for every game for almost a month now, to be sincere, I am very excited,’ he said.

‘She always did everything to watch the game from the start to the end.’

Barkley Reporter Incident

In 2019, an American reporter known as Alexi McCammond tweeted about the conversation she had with Barkley about the 2020 presidential race.

Tonight, Charles Barkley said to me; ‘I would never hit a woman, but funny enough I would hit you if I did.’

He then asked if I objected to that, he said: ‘You can’t take a joke?.’

After some days, Barkley made a public announcement with an apology for his comment in a statement.

‘My comment was an attempted funny joke but inappropriate and unacceptable,’ he said in the statement released.

‘It wasn’t funny at all. There is no excuse for what I said, and I am sorry.’

Maureen Blumhardt Net Worth

Maureen Blumhardt Net Worth

Maureen has a net worth of $1 million. She earned her money from various business investments. She also has a share of her husband’s massive net worth.

Charles Barkley is still one of the richest sports athletes in NFL history. His estimated net worth is $50 million. He raised his wealth during his NFL playing career as a player, endorsement deals, and now as a basketball analyst.

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