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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

2019 Most Valuable Football Clubs Of the World

What are the best of the best football clubs? Why are they valuable? Let’s check if your favorite team on the list!

Football is known as the King sport all over the world and everyone must have heard of worldwide competitions among football teams.

Besides battles among counties, football is a fight among groups, which is so-called clubs. 

Through years of development, some clubs have gained reputation from their players, coaches, and management policies.

In 2019, the world recorded the name of the most valuable football clubs that includes famous players and fantastic coaches. Watching and following them over matches on Thevangtv.com.

2019 Most Valuable Football Clubs



The Liverpool squad

Football lovers all over the world know Liverpool by another name –Red Devils in Merseyside. And on any topic of the best football team, we cannot forget Liverpool. 

So, what makes this club so unique?

With the fans of Liverpool, everything they did on the match is incredible and cheerful. But we need to shorten its reasons on some points.

Liverpool is a club with professional players in all generations. Their style is fancy but sufficient so that the audience can watch with all joy. 

After beautifully performed matches by Liverpool created, the team won championships and also huge love from the audience.

Checking once around the history of Liverpool competitions, we saw many achievements. They have won EPL 18 times and FA cup 7 times. On the international grounds, it has gained champion cups 5 times in C1 Champion Cup and three times in the Europe Cup. 


The Barca in C1 Cup

Barcelona or Barca, in 2009, made a world record of the historical six championships in all competitions. Until now, there has been no football team that can break that record. 

To gain that success, coach Guardiola contributed his great efforts on the team. 
But Barcelona has not satisfied with its early victory. The team never stops developing to become one of the best football clubs in the world. 

Unlike the trend of football development, which focuses on effectiveness and strategies, Barca trains their players to acquire both skills and artistic moves on the field. Or, let’s say Barcelona is a school that teaches football players how to perform well and beautifully at the same time. 

In the Barcelona team, we could not miss famous names of soccer such as Messi, Xavi or Iniesta and so on. They are all became legendary of this sport that no one could compare.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid football team

Real Madrid is considered the runner-up on the list of the most valuable football clubs with a total of 1,127 billion pounds, only lower than legendary MU.

On the ground, Real Madrid's true opponent is Barcelona. This relationship gets so much attention from the audiences that they go crazy before each match. 

Real Madrid is based in Spain with big names on the football world. And with its army, the team made its name on pretty many competitions such as the famous UEFA Champion League or C1 Cup. 

Following their history, we found out the amazing past that Real Madrid has created. They were the first football team that kept championship of C1 cup for consecutive three years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

This fact was considered impossible for all teams in the world because the C1 cup is international combat consisting of best groups. 

Manchester United 

The Red Devils MU

Manchester United or MU is estimated with a value of 1,357 billion pounds in 2017. And for many years, this club is still on the top of reputation with fans all over the world.

No matter how much you love football, Manchester United has crossed over the border of fans and non-football fans. MU has its supporters all around including those who do not watch the matches. 

So, what makes MU such a valuable club?

MU consist of a gang of professional players and coaches competing in the English Premier League. This competition attracts the most significant number of audiences in the world, so that explains why MU is so well-known. 

But it's not everything which makes the success of MU. MU has gained numerous cups from worldwide matches that took part in. For example, it has won the EPL cup for 20 times, 12 cups of FA and 21 times of victory for the English Cup.

Besides, MU has been recorded for the championship of the C1 Cup three times. 

For all of the achievements and long-lasting reputation in the field, MU stands still as the best club.  

What contributes to the value of a football club?

Some people keep in mind that the more championship a club won, the more famous it is and the more valuable it becomes. 

It’s true in some occasions. But, the championship is just a minor aspect to reflect the reputation of a team. We can value a football club like MU or Real Madrid based on some factors such as:

The number of fans 


There are many clubs with quite many cups such as Real Madrid, Barca or Liverpool which gained even more than MU.

However, MU, according to Forbes, is still the most valuable football club with an estimation of more than 1.3 billion dollars. 

One factor that makes MU go so far is its fan club all over the world. 

No clubs have as many fans as MU in the football ground. They have got supporters in and out of the field, in and out of the football industry. 

The human Resources


Another factor that improves reputation is players and coaches. 

Some clubs gather the best players with experiences and strategies that others desire to have. That’s why we hear about millions or even billion contracts about players transferring. 

Wrapping up, 

Football is an endless topic in all newspapers or magazines, nationally or internationally. And, it's not a nonsense quote that "football is a billion-dollar industry” when all competitions among regions and continents announce breathtaking rewards. 

Football clubs are also businesses in the field. They have got contracts, competitions and customers and a huge brand to build upon, all to make value. 

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